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  • Tell people about Us

Create email campaigns, social posts, videos, etc that contain your special Affiliate Link and tell people how Being Commerce Academy can help them.

  • Those people buy plans

We will track everyone that clicks on your affiliate links and purchases plans that found us through one of your affiliate links.

  • You earn up to 80%

You will earn an 80 percent commission on any plans published on this website,  whenever any people will buy through your affiliate’s links 

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Most frequent questions and answers

What is affiliate links?

It is one unique link that we provide to our affiliates which affiliates can use to promote our courses. 

You just need to promote that affiliate links and if anyone purchased courses through your affiliate links we will then give you commission of 80%.

Affiliate links are also called as referral links.

How can I promote affiliate links?

There are many ways you can promote your affiliate links. You can promote via emails campaign, videos, blogs, courses and many ways.

Watch below video this will give you idea how to promote. 

How can I receive commission payments?

You will receive commission you earned with the help of PayPal. You just need to provide you PayPal email address and you can start receive your earnings directly to your bank account.

Also, we will release your payments on every month between 15th to 20th date.

If you don’t have PayPal account you can create it for FREE. Click here.

Can you provide me coupon in place of affiliate links?

Yes, we can provide you but you need to contact us so that we can generate coupon for you. You can contact us here and ask for your coupon.